Discover your body's secret numbers in order for you to start living a Healthy lifestyle.
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One-on-One Coaching

Work with your personal coach to reach your Health, Wellness and Lifestyle goals


We are a team of Coaches, part of a Global Nutritional Company, which is committed to enabling others to change their lives and feel fabulous!
Complete the LIFESTYLE QUESTIONNAIRE and we will schedule an Initial Session with you.

Some of Our Results

Personalised Meal Plans

Each person has different goals therefore it is important to have a Personalised meal plan to reach your specific goals

Workout Routines

Never worked-out before / Are you training but don't get results? Follow our workout routines with Samantha Clayton (Worldwide Director of Sport and Fitness Herbalife) and see amazing results!!!

Support & Motivation

You are never alone. We provide you with 24/7 support and motivation to keep you on track with your program. Be part of a group of people on the same mission...To live a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

How we Work

Complete your Profile

We have the solution to your problem. Simply complete the Online Profile relevant to your situation and we will schedule an Initial Session with you once we received it.

Initial Session

This is where we get to know each other. We discuss your Profile with you and show you how we can assist you to become successful in achieving your Goals.


We actively coach you on a One-on-One basis and as part of our larger Group of Customers and Coaches.
Our successes are based on our Coaching Support assisting our Customers and Coaches in achieving their goals..

Team Privileges


(See the Income and Lifestyle Testimonials above)


Become part of a community of like-minded people in the Wellness Industry


Receive structured Training and Support guiding you to reach your goals

Questions & Answers

There are 4 Major Mega-trends affecting Consumers today.

  • Obesity
  • Public Health
  • Healthy Aging
  • Rising Entrepreneurship
We are positioned right in the middle of these Mega-Trends allowing us to contribute to the opportunities associated with each of them.

  • We are driven by the needs of our members and inspired by their stories.
  • We respect each other, succeed as a team and value a sense of humor.
  • We make our communities better places to live and work.
  • We make decisions based on facts, not hearsay.
  • We work hard and hold ourselves accountable.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We do the right honest and ethical thing.
  • We use it, wear it, talk it!
  • We become product of our products.
  • We make it fun simple and magical.
  • Our Vision is to change people’s lives.

Yes we do.

We are continuing to  build our Team around the World.

  • Introducing them to the most Amazing Products
  • Educating them on Proper Nutrition
  • Teaching them to live a Healthy Active Lifestyle
  • Providing them an opportunity to build on their own Financial Success.

Our business is to service Customers. We are always looking for customers that want to obtain a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

To become our Customer, simply complete the WELLNESS QUESTIONNAIRE and we will schedule an Initial Session with you.


All you need to do is to complete the LIFESTYLE QUESTIONNAIRE and we will schedule an Initial Session with you.

It does not matter where you stay, how old you are, what your background is, we will teach you to become a successful Coach.

We represent a Global Company, with more than 38 years of Nutritional and Entrepreneurial experience. Our involvement started in 2005 and we have never looked back.